16 April 2014

trendy jewelry 4less..

I love jewelry, in fact it's one of my weakness aside from shoes and bags. I know i'm not alone dealing with such fondness because most of my friends were into it too! lol* So in view of this; I came up with a smart idea of selling fashionable and trendy jewelry sets to friends and family. Yes, you heard it right! I am offering affordable 10(k)jewelry sets which is composed of (necklace, ring & earrings). An absolutely beautiful collection sets for a lot less! If you are interested, just let me know. 

And by the way, does anyone of you knows where I can find the best high school class rings? Do share it to me please because I badly needed one. Thanks!

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07 March 2014

customized photo printing

Hubby and I were « used » to order photo prints online for various reasons. First and foremost online printing allows you to saved €uros in whatever printing works you do. Yeah , no kidding ! When it comes to photo printing, internet is the perfect place to find some really good deals. And best of all you can have it customized according to your preference. Try it now and you'll see the difference!

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trendy & fashionable look..

It's been few weeks already that dear daughter thought of cutting her hair short for a change. Nonetheless, having been « used » to have that long thick hair for many years now made her feel a bit anxious which I completely understand. Me, on the other hand is quite opposite because I always love short haircut considering that i am now in my mid-forties. I remember reading an article somewhere online that as women gets older wearing short haircut helps them look and feel younger.; lol* Wearing revlon hair pieces is also a great option for those who wants to look trendy and fashionable !

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