21 January 2015

life still goes on..

The start of the New Year 2015 wasn't that good for me particularly to my family back home. To start with; my aunt who is fighting for cancer illness passed away just recently that left us completely devastated. Letting go of someone very dear to you is the hardest ; but knowing that she's now in a better place and no longer suffering from pain is the most important thing. I've lost a very important person in my life whom I can count on for everything. My only regret is that I haven't got the chance to see her for the last time since I'm living thousand miles away. It really hurts; but life still goes on ! 

Talking on a more lighter note, the musical instrument that I've bought at muscians friend has finally arrived on my doorstep. I'm glad because I already thought it got lost in the P.O. during the xmas holidays !

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26 November 2014

thought of reinventing my kitchen..

Have you ever thought of reinventing your kitchen? Me, for my part I would really love to; considering that ours at home has started getting deteriorated. Nevertheless, at this time of year budget seem tight due to christmas is fast approaching. How I wish money isn't the issue here :( So, for now I'm just enjoying myself trying to click from one site to another in order to gather some great ideas and tips. Will probably wait for the after christmas sale to be able to get the best value of our money! 

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24 June 2014

nice dress to wear on a friend's wedding..

Yehey! The grand summer sale in France starts tomorrow.. it will be a fun and exciting day for me and the rest of my friends since we've been waiting this very moment for quite sometime now. Hopefully I could find a nice dress to wear on my friend's wedding come first of September. Hubby for his part, is contemplating on whether to settle for a tuxedo shirt or not. Anyway, we still have ample time to think about it considering that the wedding day will be during this fall!

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